I’ve been an interaction designer and product manager since 2010, leading UX and product teams at startups.

Most recently, I led product at a startup that was acquired by Salesforce.

I practice a human-centered approach to product management and design. I use ethnographic and statistical methods to accurately study individuals, patterns in their decision-making processes, and problems they encounter. I design interactions and direct the rest of the design process to solve them and create desirable products.

From a domain perspective, I work on projects that mediate interpersonal interactions (examples: communications systems, collective action). My goal is to create and evolve systems to improve society through reducing harm and promoting wellbeing and equity.

I value collaborating on product development with people who are dedicated to creating beneficial systems. I always look to develop special working relationships that are motivating, mission-driven, supportive, and full of humor.

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I mentor people in product and design through different institutions in San Francisco, and occasionally consult with product teams.

I’m based in San Francisco, CA. If you would like to get together, e-mail me. You can also tweet and connect with me.